Myanmar Diary

After decades of isolation, we meet a nation of amazing people who have been excluded from all the ‘benefits’ of western civilization. Country where most of the people don’t have running water or electricity, country without ATM, broadband internet or mobile phone roaming.
Movie takes us to some rural places, jungles, amazing landscapes and most important of all, to some of the happiest people on earth.

FIlm of the Week

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 3.44.43 PM portal brings today at the front page the story about The Face of a Revolution.
In the section Film of the Week the unknown author wrote wisely:

“Multi-generic, daring, defiant, insistent, playful and by all means tricksy. The Face of a Revolution is a generation statement that builds upon the interplay of indisputable facts and personal illusion in order to lay ground for a new retrospective perspective at the fall of Milosevic regime in Serbia.” portal is one of the most comprehensive online database of East European documentary films/ documentary professionals/industry directory/


Fresh Danube Films


Fresh Danube Films Project will be launched this weekend at DORF Festival 

The Fresh Danube Films project has come as a result of collaboration between Cinema City International Film Festival Novi Sad as the Main Applicant and partners: Crossing Europe Film Festival from Linz, DORF from Vinkovci and Free Zone from Belgrade and support from the European Cultural Foundation.

More info about the project 

The Face of a Revolution and Redemption Street are selected as Serbian representatives.
More info about the films 2

Propaganda film in cooperation with Share Festival and Share Foundation produced a new documentary film. II is a film about the Share Conference that was held in Belgrade for the second time this April. Film also include a footage from the third conference that happend in Beirut this October. Share Mov II brings dynamic overview of one of the most interesting cutting edge events in this part of the world.

Share Conference is a public, free and non-commercial hybrid event blending an Internet culture and technology related daytime conference with dynamic cutting-edge music festival by night. It  brings together hundreds of passionate people, forward-thinkers, cultural creatives, activists and artists from  all around the world for talks and parties in 72 hours of powerful gathering to share ideas, knowledge and creativity.

This is PROPAGANDA FILM second title this year and we are were happy that 3 of our cinematographers took a part in it. Vuk Maksimopvic, Vladimir Miladinovic and Branimir Milovanovic took some amassing shoots and sound recorder was Luka Jocic.

Film was directed and edited by Vladimir Milovanovic, who wrote, directed and produced our first film The Face of a Revolution.
We are happy that we can share this title with everybody who want to see it.
We would like to thanks everyone who helped make this film.


Directed and Edit by
Vladimir Milovanovic

Vuk Maksimovic
Vladimir Miladinovic
Branimir Milovanovic

Luka Jocic
Bojan Cizmic

Graphics and Animation
Andrija Kovac
Jovan Mikonjic

SHARE MOV Volunteers
Tatjana Vukelic
Selena Junackov
Marina Radmilac
Siniša Dugonjic
Ivan Velisavljevic
Nenad Ivanovic
Nils Nebe

Ivana Radmanovac
Nikola Lukicic
Branislav Veskovic